About us

Tecozore is a Tech Company that is passionate about creating tech solutions for industries, organizations, businesses, government parastatals and the like in order to drive quick and efficient result, high productivity and profitability with less effort.

we deliver our work as at when due, according to initial agreement. our core values are integrity and selflessness. Our clients all over the world are happy because customer satisfaction is our priority.

our mission is to bring ideas to reality through technology. We are so passionate about solving any kind of problem using technology. We believe technology is the future, and everything will be powered by technology—artificial intelligence, machine learning, robots, etc

Our tech solutions

  • FinTech . 
  • EdTech .
  • HealthTech .
  • EcommTech .
  • MediaTech .
  • CleanTech .
  • CybersecTech

Our services

  • web design and dev
  • software development
  • app development
  • network design & implementation
  • Digital media advert/marketing
  • Trainings
  • IT Consultancy
  • Sales of tech gadgets & procurement
  • Tech hardware manufacturing